This is the small plastic row boat you have been looking for. Our lightweight dinghies are easy to move to and from shore. Enjoy the row out to your larger boat with this tender. With optional oars and oarlocks this is all you need out of a useful durable dinghy. Or if you don't want to row, add the optional heavy duty transom kit to our white boat then attach a 2.5 hp gas motor or electric motor with battery.

We expanded the seating options giving you a front seat and rear bench. Sit back to back or on opposite ends of the boat and still be able to comfortably row. We added extra cup holders and storage compartments as well. Keep your cell phone dry with the addition of drainage channels.

  • Lightweight - only 59 lbs

  • Durable and easy to clean

  • Stainless Steel Hardware - Prevents rusting

  • Oars Available - 2 piece aluminum collapsible oars

  • Oar Locks Available - Unique proprietary plated stainless steel oar lock system for better control rowing

Detailed specs can be found here

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