EI Retreat (Day 1&2)

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This year we wanted to add personal touch to our year end team building event, so we booked two sessions of Emotional Intelligence training lead by Carolyn Stern. She lead us through ways to have impactful communication within the workplace and create deeper, supportive connections with each-other. On the first day, we went over the personal assessments we completed, talked about the results and how to create future goals with them. We brought this back to the office by starting our Monday meetings with a one word emotion and doing check-ins with each-other. We left this session feeling thankful and grateful for the opportunity. On day two, we opened up as team and shared our goals along with a strength of ours we can rely on, and something we’re working on improving. We got to see each-other for who we are, and engage in thought-provoking questions.

We would like to thank Carolyn Stern leading the Emotional Intelligence Retreat and creating a welcoming, safe environment for all.


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