It's time to get back on the water and do what you love! This is the small plastic boat you have been looking for.

It is the perfect boat for backcountry lake adventures, still water fishing, fly fishing or hunting. At only 59 lbs you can easily transport and carry into your secret secluded fishing spots. Our green small plastic boats have been popular with sportsmen for years.

This year we bring a host of improvements to the boats.

  • We expanded the seating options giving you a front seat and rear bench.
  • Easily attach a gas or electric trolling motor to the transom plates. All seats have channels underneath to run wires for a battery.
  • Optional 2.5HP heavy duty transom kit to allow for a larger motor.
  • Our hull is compatible with most Scotty brand accessories. Deck out your boat for the ultimate little fishing rig.
  • The middle bench is compatible with many aftermarket swivel seats for extra comfort.
  • We added extra cup holders and storage compartments for your gear.
  • Keep your cell phone dry with the addition of drainage channels.
  • Everything you need to enjoy a day on the lake!

    • Lightweight - only 59 lbs

    • Durable and easy to clean

    • Easy to Transport - Fit in the back of a truck or SUV, or on a roof rack

    • Aluminium & Plastic Transom Plates - Easy to attach a trolling motor

    Detailed specs can be found here

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